Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Cycling: Starting Up

As a child/teenager I used to cycle everywhere. We used to cycle a
4 mile round trip to school every day, and then round to friends house after school, and at the weekend, if we were bored, we'd just go for a bike ride, just for fun.

I've always had a bike, but since having kids cycling has only happened sporadically - neither of my girls are great cyclists (they can both ride, they just choose not to!) and we live half way up a very big, steep hill, so going anywhere is always going to involve a hill climb, either at the beginning or end of a ride - not to mention the many hills everywhere around here.

But I love cycling.

I did body combat for about 5 years, and this kept me fit and trim. Last summer I got bored. And I stopped going. I'd book a week in advance, but come the day, I'd cancel. I really wasn't feeling the love for combat anymore.

I found a new love for Pilates, but getting into classes can be tricky, and timings aren't always convenient, and while it's fabulous for strength and muscle tone, fitness? Not so much. So my fitness levels dropped like a stone.

In the new year I decided I'd try running. I did the couch to 5k programme. For 2 weeks. I am not a runner. It was not fun. I stopped.

So, I decided to go back to what I knew I enjoyed - back to the bike.

I love it!

So far I've done the following rides:

6th May - 10.42 miles
12th May - 12.49 miles
18th May - 10.39 miles
19th May - 8.51 miles

And then today I re-rode the 8.51 mile route.

I can feel my fitness levels returning. I can already ride faster, without as much huffing and puffing!

I'm aiming towards bike to work week in June - that would be a 13 mile round trip, do-able!

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