Tuesday, 10 September 2013

3 go to Germany!

So, we said goodbye to Gran on 10th of August, then we packed up and headed off on our family holiday on the 11th! R chose not to come, so for the first time in 13 years we were holidaying as a threesome!

This year's destination was a departure from our "fly and flop" holidays of the last 4 years, as we had decided to drive to the Black Forest in Germany. We stopped off for a night in France on the journey, but that really was just a pitstop to break the journey into manageable chunks!

The Black Forest is a truly beautiful area, and despite a few weather hiccups (the sights aren't so great from the Black Forest High Road or the top of a Mountain when the cloud base is lower than you are - in fact visibility gets down to about 20 feet!) we had a great week walking, mooching around towns, playing on pedalos and eating Kuchen!

Negotiations are currently underway regarding next year's adventure, but we really enjoyed the freedom driving to our destination gave us, so I'm fully expecting another European destination :-)





My wonderful travelling companions :-)

Katie x